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New Sudoku application revolutionizes the Android Market.

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HandWrite SodukuThere is apparently a new Sudoku application available for Android devices which is causing people to go crazy in the Android Market. The developers of the application claim to have built some new technology to recognize the human handwriting so players can enter their own numbers with either their finger, or even a stylus, and the application will insert the number in the appropriate cell in the Sudoku map.
We are not so sure of how those tiny telephone screens can accommodate a number manually entered with a finger but we have unconfirmed news of the application taking the cell where the number is originally entered in as the destination cell so handwritten traces can be as big as needed. more


They want it at Cupertino


HandWrite Soduku


Rumor says that iOS guys are jealous because the application is not yet ready for IPhone or IPad. We have had access to the source to confirm if this is indeed going to happen.
Diego Alarcon – Handwrite Sudoku developer: "don't worry guys, you will have it… if you are nice." more »

Interview with the developper.


We had the opportunity to interview the creators of this app:
SwanApps. Is it true that this app includes all the usual stuff in Sudoku games?
D.A. Yes, multiple difficulties, unlimited maps, Undo, Pencil Marks, Auto-Save, Resolve Game, a comprehensive Help section and much more.
SwanApps. So, what is new?
D.A.The ability to write your own numbers and let the tool recognize your handwriting makes all the difference. You will feel like playing a real Sudoku on paper. “It is the closest thing to the real thing, you will love it.” more »

The human side of the story


The developer’s wife opens her heart to us. “It hasn’t been easy, all the late hours that my husband invested in developing the application. He always said that he had a vision, people would never notice the difference between an Android and a paper Soduku any more, he said…
I am so proud of him.”
more »

A technology breakthrough


The only requirement is to enter your numbers in one stroke, the application will recognize over 90% of the numbers without any training, and the help documentation will show users all the different options to enter each number. The application is optimized to it work in Smartphones and also in tables. more »


A 5 starts rated game, Handwrite Sudoku is a must have for all brain and puzzle application lover, for those who want to increase their brain abilities above and beyond human limits or even for those that have some free time on their way to work. more »


Our research team has found a demo of the tool in YouTube. We attach the link below if you, like us, do not believe what the developer of this Handwrite Sudoku claims. more »

Take Action

Go to the Android Market and download the free application now, if you like it as much as we do please make sure you enter a comment. And if you have a suggestion for a fix or an enhancement your comment is even more welcomed. more »

What’s next?

More games, video players, utilities, enhanced reality applications; the possibilities of this technology are endless.
Stay tuned for more Swan Apps in the near future.

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